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September 2019

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Knowledge-based economy in Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship in 2018

Data and indicators in the field of information society and science and technology statistics, concerning: use of information-telecommunication technology in enterprises, research and development activities (R&D), innovatvie activities of industry enterprises and in services' sector
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Transport - activity results in 2018

Information on types of transport, transport network (by voivodships), vehicle fleet (by vehicle types) and registered motor vehicles (by vehicle types and voivodships), cargo and passenger transport (by transport types and destinations), transshipment of intermodal transport units in intermodal terminals, reloading activities in sea ports (by cargo groups and ports) and airports (by airports), ship traffic (by ports and flags) and passenger traffic (by ports), car and passenger traffic at airports (by airports). Data on revenue, cost, employment and wages in transport. Information on: traffic of means of transport at border crossings (eastern border), road accidents and selected data on EU countries. Information on activities of the post, on postal facilities, postal services, and revenue and cost. Employment and wages for postal activities and selected data on post in EU countries.
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Post and telecommunications - activity results in 2018

The publication contains statistical data for 2018 on the background previous years, characterizing performance results of economic entities which render post and telecommunications services, classified according to the Polish Classification of Activities 2007 into the section: 53 “Post and Courier Activity” and 61 “Telecommunications”. In particular, part I of the publication presents information on revenues, costs, financial results, current assets, employment, wages and salaries, and part II – on elementary post and telecommunications services and modes of communications.
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