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Publication The structure of wages and salaries in zachodniopomorskie voivodship in 2016

Full-time and part-time employees and their salaries. The structure of wages by demographic and professional characteristics.

Publication Research and development activity in Poland in 2016

Research and development activities is a key feature of economic development. Acknowledging the significance of reliable statistics for supporting the process of shaping scientific and innovation policies, planning objectives and instruments of public intervention, we are handing over the publication prepared by the Centre for Science, Technology, Innovation and Information Society Statistics.

Publication Innovative activity of enterprises in the years 2014-2016

The following publication constitutes a result of surveys concerning innovation activities of industrial and service enterprises in the years 2014-2016 conducted in 2017 by the Central Statistical Office. These surveys were carried out within the framework of the Programme of Statistical Surveys of Official Statistics under items 1.43.02 – Innovations in industry (PNT-02) and 1.43.13 – Innovations in services (PNT-02/u). The methodology developed by Eurostat and OECD, and presented in Oslo Manual has been applied

Publication Statistical Yearbook of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship 2017

The main summary publication of the Statistical Office containing a set of information characterising standard of living of the society, the condition of environment and economy as well as data specific to the voivodship. The statistical data were grouped into the 24 subject chapters, preceded by review tables, presenting the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship against the background of the country as well as in the retrospective capture

Publication Maritime economy in Poland in 2015–2016

Maritime economy in Poland in 2015–2016

Publication Population, vital statistics and migrations in zachodniopomorskie voivodship in 2016

Status and structure of population by sex and age, vital statistics and migrations. Preface and table of contents - in english
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